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Welcome to SpringStrutters.com. The site that offers many different outdoor kinds of concepts and topics. You will find lots of info about hunting, mainly turkey and deer. I hope to be of help to anyone wanting to get started hunting or maybe someone can offer tips to all of us on my blog. By looking at my website hopefully you can learn some of the concepts that I spent years trying to figure out and I'm still learning today.

I am a school teacher in Manchester, Ky. I enjoy my job and especially the kids. That's the only thing that keeps me getting out of bed everyday. I have a daughter who is the light of my life. I couldn't do anything without boasting about her and how beautiful she is to me. struttin tom

Hunting has been a passion of mine for decades. I can remember hunting trips with my dad as many of you probably can too. The memories is one of the trophies we all get to keep and cherish for a lifetime. I took my first deer at fourteen. I can still remember that cold November morning in my head as if it were yesterday and every detail around me including the sounds, smells and best of all the harvest. I got started turkey hunting later in life. The biggest reason I can think of would be when I was gtowing up in souteast Ky there wasn't any wild turkey. Ky dept of fish & wildlife spent thousands of dollars bringing wild turkey to Eastern Ky. Without their help and conservation laws we probably wouldn't have any today. Today the woods around me are plentiful. Most any day you want to take a drive or are going somewhere there will be turkey in fields about anywhere. Turkey hunting is my favorite sport of all. I guess because theres more action involved. Unlike deer hunting you can actually pursue the birds. This is a tactic most turkey hunters take during the spring months. Rather than the passive approach like bowhunting whitetail deer you spend hours in the same spot(treestand). This can be a very productive way of hunting turkey in the fall. The flocks are gathered up better at this time of year. They spend most there time throughout the day grazing fields and woods trying to find something to eat. Turkeys eat insects, berries, grasses, acorns, and corn. If theres a cornfield near by where your hunting always check around it first this is a prime place to find turkey and deer. Also unlike hunting deer, turkey can be hunted all day. Check your local listings for legal daylight hours. It's against the rules to kill any animal thirty minutes before dawn or dark. Ky game and fish offers a guide that explains all the rules in great detail. The link for KY game and fish is located on this page. Hope this helps.

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